Thursday morning brief 1.9.20

Border Wall | Pelosi | CPS

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BORDER WALL funding held up by a liberal judge is on its way. A U.S. federal appeals court on Wednesday stayed a lower court ruling blocking President Trump from using $3.6 billion in military construction funds to build a wall on the Southern border.

NANCY PELOSI’s stalling is getting on the nerves of Senate Democrats. The tactic of holding articles of impeachment was never a good one. What looked like delay and pray more than a well thought out plan to gain leverage looks like it’s coming to an end. Acquittal looms.

CPS REFORM is needed in Texas. This week, public relation resources crafted for pediatricians have come under fire. The medical industry is working to counteract adverse reporting on the removal of children when their parents seek a second opinion.

HOUSE SPEAKER  Dennis Bonnen is a lame duck. Following a December in which he retaliated against former allies, it's openly debated in the mainstream ($) if the Speaker is hurting GOP unity in 2020.

ROCKDALE, TX, is home to the world’s largest Bitcoin mine.

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