TUE brief 10.13.20

Legal elections 🤞

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EARLY VOTING is here, and the lines are socially distanced long; wait times this morning in Harris, Travis and Tarrant were mostly in the green (less than 20-minute waits).

MAIL-IN BALLOT drop-offs will be limited to one location and, at the same time, innumerable locations (any mailbox) for the 2020 election in Texas. The 5th Circut Court of Appeals issued an over-night ruling disallowing the wanton expansion of drop-off sites by Harris and Travis county.

THE TEXAS GOP is suing Harris County over an illegal expansion of curbside voting, according to a press release this morning. This planned illegal activity has been highlighted for weeks here and at Direct Action Texas.

AMY CONEY BARRETT’s confirmation hearing began yesterday. Republicans are trying to make it about attacks on her faith; Democrats are making it about Obamacare. Barrett was always a dangerous pick based on her past rulings on the ACA.

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Voter registration up in Harris Co. ($)

Abbott follows but falls short of Florida police proposals

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