TUE brief 10.27.20

That Bloomberg cash

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MICHAEL BLOOMBERG is dropping last-minute cash on television ads in Texas to help Democrats. That beeping sound you hear is consultants backing up their Brinks trucks for 7 more glorious days of grift.

MAIL-IN BALLOTS, an insecure form of voting, logistically more prone to fraud than voting in person, has one barrier to being completely ravaged by fraud, signature verification.

Democrats sued but were turned back from removing this safeguard but calls to lose the practice are already picking up.

Even with signature verification, every election, ballots with mismatched signatures that should be thrown out are counted.

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BURNING BALLOT BOXES was too predictable an outcome.

GEORGE P. BUSH teased his interest in running for Attorney General. Currently, the lesser-known Bush serves as Land Commissioner and is best known in the past couple of years as wanting to alter the Alamo.

Pierce Bush, Ps cousin lost his 2020 primary bid for Congress.

TREY MARTINEZ FISCHER (D-San Antonio) is running for Speaker of the House. He joins fellow Democrat Senfronia Thompson in the race.

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Amy Coney Barrett is now a Supreme Court Justice

Early vote total exceeds 2016; GOP chips at Dems’ advantage.

El Paso County imposing curfew

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Presidential donations by zip

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