TUE brief 3.24.20

Flu freakout exposes true natures

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WUHAN CORONAVIRUS testing is increasing, and known cases will rise, driving Texas death rate (1%) down. Still, there will be many more cases that go undetected, artificially inflating mortality figures.

As the freakout progresses, it's less, and less of a secret that left in Texas is full-on rooting for the virus.

While Andrew Cuomo (D-New York) talks about rebooting work to rebuild the economy, liberal jackals jump at a chance to criticize Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick for more colorfully driving at the same point.

The reactions from the left on hydroxychloroquine have been telling as well. Rachel Maddow this week told her viewers it wasn't an approved drug (it is). Playing semantics, in this case, looks like you don't want it to work. Why?

Because, orange man bad.

Meanwhile, rumblings of a special session of the Texas Legislature to cut the budget are beginning.

TX ABORTIONISTS have been told to shut it down during the Wuhan Virus, which has enraged the left.

As Democrats clamor to shut Texans in, they continue the fight to rip babies out of their mother's wombs.

“If abortion is a ‘choice’ then abortion is an elective procedure,” said Mark Harrington, president of the anti-abortion group Created Equal.

OBAMACARE marked ten years of surviving yesterday. Barack Obama's legacy, which has been on life-support since it's inception, is headed back to the Supreme Court in the 2020 term.

One potentially positive side effect of the reactionary measures deployed during the Wuhan Virus will be trials of policies like expanded telemedicine and the ability of doctors to practice across state lines.

GOVERNOR ABBOTT has deferred to local officials on strident restrictions on the liberty of movement during the flu freakout

In truth, there's too much either-or decision making going on. Either you shut it down completely or ignore. Might there be a middle ground? Yes. Is that good for headlines and crafting political fodder? No.

Signaling about how long distancing will cripple the economy is varied. Based on the mix of America not being a third world country, treatment options, and testing coming online, this may be a weeks, not a months-long effort.

We'll know more in the next 7 to 10 days.

Plus, as is the case in Hidalgo County, more and more shelter-in-place and curfews look like ego-driven power trips than good governance.

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