TUE brief 5.25.21

|Bryan Slaton, trailblazing |Abbott = "total fraud"

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TUCKER CARLSON called Greg Abbott a total fraud over the weekend.

The Fox News personality was interviewing a South Texas mayor about illegal immigration and the lip service paid by Abbott to the issue while not delivering substantive measures to protect the border or disincentivize illegal immigration.

REP. BRYAN SLATON has been forging needed paths for conservatives this entire session. It’s not a glamorous job.

Yesterday, Slaton called a point of order on SB 1728 carried in the House by Rep. Terry Canales. Then, according to Canales, Slaton offered to pull down his point of order (let the bill live) if the Democrat lobbied the Speaker for a vote on one of Slaton’s child gender reassignment protection measures.

Canales indignantly tweeted about the ordeal and fell on his sword. First, Canales is a clown for his virtue signaling. Second, he’s a useful idiot putting another quiver in the arsenal of industrious lawmakers moving forward..

The legislature is fueled by backroom deal-making out of the public view. Now, thanks to Canales, transparency can and should be deployed in real-time.

GREG ABBOTT will be legislatively bound to a promise he made last week not to spend federal stimulus funds without input from lawmakers during a special session this fall.

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