TUE brief 7.20.21

Richard Kimbles but less quaffed

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DEMOCRAT FUGITIVES (so labeled by the DMN) from Texas are still getting ill with COVID, further derailing their publicity stunt.

Get well, folks. Also, your 15 minutes is over.

How do we know this shtick has run its course besides the fact that Americans have attention spans rivaling a mayfly’s life? The Tribune jumped the shark.

There were never going to be any arrests, certainly not of a member who just had his leg amputated. Democrats, despite their suggestions, aren’t winning the PR battle. They will come back on their own and, as they did in 2003, lose.

What’s worse (for them), the longer they are in the limelight, the more damage they do to their cause. Take Rep. Nicole Collier’s talking points being highlighted by NPR this morning.

Collier suggests long lines are voter suppression, not the result of procrastination. Texas has a long early voting period featuring no lines. If you’re standing in a line, it’s only after not taking the opportunity to vote for two weeks with no wait.

Elections in major counties, including Collier’s, are run by outright or Democrat sympathetic administrators. Polling location and resource distribution isn’t a product of suppression by the GOP.

Poll watchers from both parties should be allowed to observe the voting and vote-counting process. No one (except Democrats) is suggesting voters be subjected to voting conditions in which the secrecy of the ballot is violated. Drive-thru voting (which isn’t allowed in Texas) would break this and not allow for poll watching.

How about moving polling locations? Collier is a hypocrite or ignorant on this point. Democrats are currently suing to force poll locations after a bill passed in 2019 disallowed rolling polling.

Finally, on the topic of changing voting hours, again Collier is misinformed or spreading false information. For decades, voting hours have been set between 7 AM and 7 PM. Election reforms proposed during the special session expand the available times for voting beyond this standard.

During the 2020 cycle, Democrats injected chaos into election administration, keeping polls open to all hours of the night and even overnight. Voting during these timeframes was sparse and potentially artificially inflated.

STEVE TOTH has filed legislation that would force an audit of the 2020 election in Texas’ largest counties. Examining what took place in 2020 needs to occur due to distrust in how the election was run.

Texas should do a review with or without legislation. This can happen via any number of mechanisms, including hearings (with compelled testimony and documentation) by committees in the Senate or the House.

SPYWARE revelations have many worked up. It’s early in the cycle, having just been announced yesterday, so it will be interesting to watch the fallout.

The handwringing over journalists being monitored is of early note. As for U.S. journalists, there aren’t many in the mainstream who aren’t entirely sourced by state actors, leakers, and the like.

Are these folks worried they’ll lose their ability to make a living (be taken seriously) if they’re outed as being tools of the government? Maybe.

It’s safe to assume all consumer electronics are being used to track and surveil and that state actors collect this information. Adjust accordingly or carry on.

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