TUE brief 7.28.20

Gun control don't hunt

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TEXAS BORDER WALL is not falling.

Over the weekend, Democrats and some of their cheerleaders in the Capital media inaccurately claimed that a section of privately built border wall in Texas had collapsed. It hadn't.

GUN CONTROL advocates, backed by Bloomberg billions, are a significant part of the Democrat push to win enough House seats in November to have a say in redistricting come 2021. Their timing couldn't be worse.

Curtailing gun rights is a tough to impossible sell during a pandemic, front run by increased nationalism globally (see: Brexit | Le Pen | Germany | Russia), in a state and country beset by a Maoist insurrection masquerading as a peaceful protest.

Then there's the car swarming fad.

Everyone at this point is well-conditioned. Rioters, surround cars driving downtown (or sometimes on highways), batter them, then pull out the drivers and administer a beating.

Self-defense early in this sequence appears the logical decision going forward, and if you're in Texas, your car is part of your kingdom.

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GREG ABBOTT did some things yesterday.

Education in the age of COVID is a fascinating thing to witness; this is just the latest twist. Does testing matter?

As for expanding early voting, it should ease the strain on voting locations in a November election that is expected to have massive turnout, but most folks will procrastinate, making election day pure pandemonium.

COVID19 should not have been as deadly in the U.S. as it has been. In large part, this is down to not keeping folks at nursing and assisted living facilities protected.

This should have been doable without destroying the psyche of residents, but this crisis isn't being handled intelligently or humanely, it's being handled authoritatively.

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