TUE brief 9.1.20

Attorney General sues Harris County

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ATTORNEY GENERAL PAXTON'S office is suing Harris County to stop the overreach of interim County Clerk Chris Hollins.

Last week, Hollins announced he’d send applications for mail-in ballots to the entire voter roll, a waste of money, likely resulting in unqualified individuals being sent a mail-in ballot.

Texas elections are being meddled with and are not secure thanks to three significant factors, faulty voter rolls, over-reliance on mail-in balloting, and Democrat election officials' last-minute theatrics.

In the past week, in addition to the Harris County plans to significantly alter how it's elections are run, just outside of sixty days before the election, Travis County signaled it would be overstepping its authority by starting in-person voting early.

DEMOCRATS don't have enough folks registered to vote in Texas to win races they want to win in November. So, according to a splashy spread in the DMN, they are going to make one last massive registration push.

In recent months, registrations have flagged as fear of getting a flu-like illness that poses a threat to the unhealthy and elderly, have hamstrung Democrat campaigns.

Meanwhile, conditioning for changing the election result is being laid down for Democrats. This is the type of behavior and messaging that undermines trust in the election process.

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