TUE brief 9.15.20

The polling is wrong, again

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POLLING is broken because pollsters and peddlers (the media) are poorly incentivized, and in some cases bad actors.

Even with weighting, polls of crucial battleground states (Minnesota for instance) are likely missing representative swaths of rural voters capable of canceling urban votes.

In these states and Texas, Democrats lack votes for regular voters to win, hence the push for mail-in balloting. These mailed out ballots might garner votes from voters uninterested in participating or be harvested to artificially tighten the race.

Fianlly, social desirability bias was in the polls in 2016; there's no reason to believe that it wouldn't be present in the polling in 2020 and potentially worse with the cancel culture afoot. The media is pushing back against this fact pattern.

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DREW SPRINGER surrogates on social media are fruitlessly spinning his blatant conflict of interest. For multiple sessions, Springer was employed by Ryan LLC, was lobbied by, and voted for legislation that would benefit his employer.

The Parker County Conservatives have exposed the swampy dealings of Rep. Springer ahead of an itself swampy SD30 special election.

JOE BIDEN ventured out of his basement to California yesterday to talk about climate change. What was he thinking seems a cruel question to ask.

The suntanned-socialist votes are already in the bag bud. A likely equal and opposite reaction from Biden’s climate change alarmism is weaponized job-killing rhetoric to mining and fracking workers in battleground Midwestern, Iron, and Rust Belt states.

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