TUE brief 9.2.20

Rove moving

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THE LEADING TEXAS FORWARD PAC, a committee launched in the wake of Dennis' Bonnen's bouncing from the legislature in the fall of 2019, announced yesterday it would be dropping cash into competitive House races.

There is still a lot of institutional cash on the sidelines for Republicans; this is an early-ish move. Take note of the members involved with this effort:

Paperwork for the PAC lists five House Republicans as "contribution decision makers" and "expenditure decision makers": [Charlie] Geren, as well as Reps. Drew Darby of San Angelo, Lyle Larson of San Antonio, Four Price of Amarillo and Chris Paddie of Marshall.

All Straus allies.

George W. Bush handler Karl Rove advises the PAC. Speaking of the operative…

KARL ROVE sent out a fundraising email yesterday under the banner of the GOP. Social media postings showed a similar effort went out via SMS (text message). Some of the responses to Rove's entirety were salty.

Before the transition of power at the GOP state convention, it was suggested on social media that Rove and former Chairman Steve Munisteri were puppeteering the convention and then-Chairman James Dickey.

A request for comment from the party about Rove's current involvement went unanswered.

REP. DREW SPRINGER, despite is protestations, supported taxpayer-funded lobbying in 2019. Ending taxpayer-funded lobbying is supported by a majority of Texans, evidenced by 88% of Republican primary participants voting to halt the practice.

GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY in the time of COVID19 is taking a hit. In addition to the usual obfuscating tactics of requesting information to be withheld and charging exorbitant prices, government entities are using the pandemic as an excuse to delay record release.

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