TUE brief 9.8.20

Chronicle: King Abbott

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LABOR DAY marks the start of the election home stretch (55 days left).

The Democrat group Forward Majority PAC announced (via a sock puppet) a $6.2M spend on Texas House races in its effort to control one chamber during redistricting in 2021.

Hope from the left appears as contrived as ever. According to Democrats, the approach to winning in Texas is from the bottom up, not Biden down (so ignore poll hype?).

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GREG ABBOTT has issued another extension of his COVID19 emergency declaration.

His latest unilateral decision comes as case counts continue to decline, and classes of individuals most likely to be adversely affected by the illness are better defined.

Perpetual declarations allow the Governor and local elected officials to circumvent state law. Unforfutnealy, this includes transparency measures that have suffered during the pandemic and, significantly, as November approaches the administration of elections.

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THE TEXAS SBOE will take up sex education curriculum this week.

A militant minority advocating for increased and younger sexualized children is upset proposed standards exclude the normalization of an LGBTQ agenda, consumption of pornography, and promiscuity.

Increasingly, progressive curriculum is labeled "comprehensive."

The True Texas Project has formally backed a resolution in support of the SBOE's revisions to the curriculum standards, proposing guidelines that students be taught the benefits of abstaining from sex and for sex education to be addressed at home.

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As virus cases drop, governors eye opening bars

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