Tuesday morning brief 1.14.20

Democrat plan

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DEMOCRATS have a dual-pronged plan to win Texas in 2020.

Part one is the “largest voter registration program in the state's history.” A numbers game, the registration effort is a retread of 2014 when operatives from the vaunted Obama regime dropped into the state to elect Wendy Davis. The effort failed.

In part two, Democrats plan an “expansive voter protection effort,” including legal battles aimed at ridding the state of measures meant to curb fraud. For instance, Democrats are suing to stop wet signatures on voter applications. Expect additional lawsuits and misinformation campaigns from Democrats who have tapped failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Motivating this effort is Beto's competitive 2018 run and demographic dreaming. Typically absent from reporting on both of these items is countervailing information, including Greg Abbott, won by seven points in 2018, Ted Cruz is an uncompelling candidate, and the GOP has been gaining power in the state as the Hispanic population has boomed.

There is hedging in reporting on this moonshot, suggesting once again this is an attempt by Democrats to bluff their way to a win. What’s nice is we don’t have to wait till November to test this hypothesis. In 14 days, the House District 28 special election will take place. Democrats have bet the farm on this race.

GOVERNOR ABBOTT over the weekend pardoned human trafficking survivor Robbie Ann Hamilton. Like many caught up in trafficking, Hamilton eventually ended up committing petty crimes that landed her in jail.

BORDER WALL built by a private company is moving forward after a judge rules it can proceed.

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