Tuesday morning brief 12.10.19

Art Acevedo | Filing Deadline | Bush Fam

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TEXAS REP. AL GREEN stated Democrats should impeach President Trump for the "original" sin of slavery.

Articles of impeachment were filed this morning. Abandoned is the much-ballyhooed quid-pro-quo/bribery charge, replaced with abuse of power and obstruction.

POLICE CHIEF ART ACEVEDO lashed out yesterday at Senators Cornyn and Cruz after the death of an HPD officer. Acevedo, conflating issues, suggested the NRA was standing in the way of the Violence Against Women Act.

Cornyn was quick to point out that impeachment mania has stalled meaningful policymaking. Acevedo's remarks were called offensive and inappropriate by the Houston Police Officers' Union.

FILING DEADLINE yesterday was the last (in theory) day to file for a spot on the 2020 ballot. There were some last-minute surprises.

Rep. Mike Lang bailed, for the second time running for his seat in the Texas House, causing a rare five day overtime for other candidates to file in for his seat, and Bryan Slaton is challenging Rep. Dan Flynn after nearly beating the incumbent in 2018.

GENE WU, a backbench Democrat in the Texas House, attacked the Huckabee family over the weekend. Democrats in Texas have become increasingly belligerent on social media ahead of 2020.

REPUBLICANS are once again eating their own. Over the weekend, reports emerged that the Galveston County GOP Chairwoman texted what appeared to be a racial slur. According to reports, she’s both Hispanic and African American.

The band from last week’s Rick Miller episode (Abbott, Dickey, et al.) got back together for chastisement time and George P. Bush got in on the action. Speaking of the Bush fam, Pierce Bush, grandson of George H.W. Bush, filed to run for Congress yesterday.

TWITTER banned or threatened to ban several public figures over the weekend for posting screenshots of the manifesto published by the Saudi terrorist who killed three at a Naval base in Florida.

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