WED brief 10.7.20

Netflix indicted

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NETFLIX has been indicted in Texas.

The streaming giant began drawing fire from elected officials after airing the show Cutties, which sexualized minor girls, including close-ups of their bottoms and crotches.

Meanwhile, yesterday a University of Texas professor was arrested on child pornography charges.

Despite increasing attention on pornography and oversexualized kiddos leading to malevolent behavior, the left is doubling down on wacky grooming sex ed and attacking activists driven to stop pedophilia.

Illicit activity these days is being carried out and developed over the internet. The ISPs that have cheap access to right-of-way are gearing up to lobby the legislature for cash to build infrastructure in 2021.

TED CRUZ reminisced recently about then-President-elect Trump offering him a spot on the U.S. Supreme Court. Cruz turned down the offer, in hind-sight, maybe a poor choice.

That decision was made in 2016, came months after Trump vanquished the Texan in the GOP primary and a day-dreamed never-Trumper convention coup scenario.

Conventional wisdom is that Cruz has reached his political zenith.

SCOTX has rejected Harris County’s attempt to send millions of applications for mail-in ballots to individuals who don’t qualify to vote by mail.

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