WED brief 11.17.21

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AN FBI WHISTLEBLOWER has released documents revealing Merrick Garland authorized the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division to target parents attending school board meetings, Texans included.

The left cannot allow the parent movement to gain control of the government education system. Efforts to stop parents will go up to and include corruptly using the full force of the state to crack down on dissidents.

Here are what may become daily links dealing with the struggle over our children’s hearts, minds, and souls.

  • Meanwhile, in Denton, a recently canceled transgender reading session, which had been canceled, will take place in a private venue.

  • The feds (U.S. Dept. of Education) are investigating Carroll ISD for “civil rights” violations. This is the same school district that was the focus of an NBC podcast series.

  • A leftist activist threatens to come “locked and loaded” to future meetings.

CHIP ROY has officially launched its re-election campaign.

His announcement video aims at Republicans who voted for Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill. In so doing, Roy lays down a marker not just for the 2022 midterms but for the GOP majority that is likely to follow.

Roy, who in 2020 thumped a Democrat opponent with 100% name ID and $30 million, knows better than most that long-term GOP success requires keeping campaign promises, which is part of his political success.

According to media reports, Roy made a similar argument to minority leader Kevin McCarthy. His principled stands stand out and are refreshing, and any Republican majority under Speaker McCarthy should try to deliver more of the same.

Roy’s early broadside will leave him strongly positioned when McCarthy does what he inevitably will do.

STEPHANIE KLICK is the subject of a powerful ad highlighting her role in killing legislation that would have prohibited the sexual “transitioning” of minors.

This is part of a pattern for Klick, who used similar tactics to kill election integrity legislation during the 2019 legislative session.

HISPANIC (not Latinx) TEXANS support GOP border policies. This isn’t new and is one of the most significant indicators that demographics have never been, are not currently, and will never become, destiny in Texas.

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