WED brief 3.18.20

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COVID19 has killed two in Texas, an Arlington man (age 77) and a Matagorda County resident (age 97).

The Texas National Guard has been activated.

Regulations governing Telemedicine in Texas have been waived.

JOE BIDEN has locked up three more primary victories, and Bernie Sanders is reportedly weighing his options.

GOVERNOR ABBOTT dodged a question about expanding balloting by mail for the May elections before he was pressed and answered, "everything is on the table."

Notably, this is the same response given by the Secretary of State's office when questioned earlier in the week on the subject.

Jeremy Wallace of the Houston Chronicle inaccurately reported that "Texas could easily do an all-mail election to keep people from having to stand in line to vote."

There will be nothing easy about such an effort should it be ordered; it's likely to add delays, execution errors and blow up in Abbott's face.

Reporters touting universal mail-in balloting taking place in states with populations 1/5 the size of Texas is what makes fake news a thing.

Reporting on Abbott's remarks lacks perspective from conservative groups opposed to the expansion of balloting by mail over fraud, harvesting, and logistical concerns.

Litigation is likely.


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