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|Dade Phelan's Pride |Middleton Disrespected, Again

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DADE PHELAN’S proudest moment of the session may have occurred last night at midnight.

The Speaker and his helpers Stephanie Klick (R-North Richland Hills) and Dustin Burrows (R-Lubbock) carried out hits on several common-sense bills to protect children from gender mutilation, stemming a backward culture apeing pre-pubescent transitions.

In this policy vein, the last and most innocuous bill, SB29, one that could be classified as classically feminist, to disallow boys from competing in girls’ sports died at midnight.

Its death was preordained.

The Texas House took up SB29 at 10 PM and could have passed it for two hours. Instead, Phelan and House leadership allowed the bill to be killed.

When Democrat Harrold Dutton called a point of order at midnight to stop further consideration of the bill, Phelan joked, “what about El Paso” before sustaining the point of order and kill the bill.

American’s aren’t on board with the most extreme elements of the woke mob, including boys playing in girl’s sports or chemical castration for kids.

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CHRIS PADDIE killed a ban on taxpayer-funded lobbying last night and was a jerk about it in the process.

For the second consecutive session, Rep. Mayes Middleton carried legislation that has broad bipartisan public support to stop lining the pockets of lobbyists with tax dollars.

Paddie, an East Texas Republican who’s been labeled a RINO, moved to postpone the bill until September 18, Middleton’s birthday.

As conservative a Representative as there is, Middleton has played ball with the establishment wing of the GOP and been treated like trash for his efforts, an approach that’s been juxtaposed this session by Rep. Matt Schafer and his success bucking leadership and passing Constitutional Carry.

CHIP GAINES supported his sister in a school board race. Here’s how the media weaponized it to harm him and his wife Joanna Gaines's business:

Hill’s “reporting” also incorrectly states Grapevine Colleyville ISD isn’t interested in teaching CRT when in fact, volunteers for the True Texas Project have discovered it already in the school’s curriculum.

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