WED brief 6.2.21

Dade Phelan is Being Exposed

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TIME magazine, following the 2020 election, boasted that it had been rigged.

Fortification was the euphemism deployed to whitewash what was a blatant manipulation of our election. The problem for the riggers (aside from taking a public victory lap), it was too obvious.

But, when it came to getting rid of the bad orange man, the ends justified the means and subtly was jettisoned, an action that fundamentally undermined trust.

To preserve what’s left of an increasingly fractured country and reverse this violence, states across the nation have been patching deficiencies in the election code exposed by the corporate-driven abuse of the 2020 election.

This turn of events upsets both Democrats and the corporations they serve because turning the dial to control an election result is a really neat trick. Too bad fellas, you should have thought about that before giving yourselves a public back-pat in a national publication.

Still, fearful Republicans like Dade Phelan are undermining needed reforms. The manufactured meltdown of the legislative session’s election integrity bill was okay with Dade.

Now, citing the implosion lead by Phelan, Democrats at the national level are pushing for top-down control of elections.

And, while progressives have been clamoring for action to permanently rig elections since Biden-Harris took office, the current pretense afforded them by Dade is invaluable.

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DONALD TRUMP endorsed Greg Abbott for re-election yesterday; it was weird.

The President’s press release, emphasizing Abbott’s “combat” of illegal immigration, appears to be a direct response to former Senator Don Huffines, one of Abbott’s current challengers, who has made securing the border his number one issue.

Texans in Trumps orbit likely influenced the statement and endorsement decision, folks with proximity to the increasingly left-of-center-GOP Dallas-based donor class.

In reality, Abbott has done little to secure the border meaningfully and hasn’t prioritized legislation to make Texas less appealing to would-be lawbreakers from abroad.

If Abbott wants to carve out actual wins on curbing illegal immigration, it’ll take more than executive orders and crisis declarations. Abbott will have a chance to end magnets like in-state tuition or risk being called a paper tiger on the number one polling issue for Texas voters in upcoming special sessions.

Speaking of the special sessions…

GREG ABBOTT will need to do more than defund the legislative branch if he wants to get SB7 and other bills across the finish line in one of the multiple special sessions coming this summer/fall.

Democrats are on record signaling they’ll again bolt over election integrity measures.

Following Sunday’s collapse of the election integrity bill, Sid Miller (an early vocal Trump supporter) said of Governor Abbott, “This is what a lack of leadership looks like!”

Them’s fighting words.

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