WED brief 6.24.20

McRaven is no conservative

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HOSPITALS have lost a bid to keep negotiated rates with insurers secret. The victory is a sneaky big win for Trump and America as transparency in pricing could help drastically reduce the cost of health care.

GOVERNOR ABBOTT has revised an executive order expanding local authority to place restrictions on outdoor gatherings and altered rules for child care centers. To date, Abbott has issued orders without releasing data or reasoning driving decisions.

Making the local media rounds on Tuesday, the governor urged Texans to voluntarily stay home as the state experiences an uptick in coronavirus cases.

One long suspected fact now being reported is case counts are artificially inflated due to reporting delays. Lags are one of many possible factors contributing to the paradox of increased cases, not tracking hospitalization levels.

Related: Texas hospitals are prepared for more COVID-19 patients.

WILLIAM McRAVEN, a retired admiral most famous for a talk about bed making, is NOT a center-right Republican.

Appearing recently on the Joe Rogen podcast, Bret Weinstein suggested Americans draft McRaven for president as part of a duo-ticket as the center-right Republican half.

The former chancellor of the University of Texas at Austin was floated as a potential running mate for Hillary Clinton. McRaven has worked to downplay his affinity for Clinton, but his assumed hemorrhoidal position as a Trump detractor suggests he would have factored into a Clinton administration.

McRaven is part of the system that Americans on both the left and right are currently rejecting, the administrative state (a.k.a. Deep State).

Weinstein likely doesn't have a firm grip on the facts and appears to be suffering from some cognitive dissonance. During his time with Rogan, he expressed concern over the Maoist push to upend America by the BLM movement on the one hand but calls himself a progressive on the other.

Progressivism has been the forerunner to the Maoist revolt taking place in 2020. 

Rogan meanwhile, falls for the classic Trump tactic, talking about things that don't matter because they have zero implications on ability to govern (Ramp-gate). The more the media focuses on things that don't matter, like walking down a ramp, the more they ignore issues that actually impact candidate selection.

JUSTIN BERRY, a candidate for the Texas House in the Austin area, has apparently threatened to sue a second amendment group (Texas Gun Rights) for promoting his unwillingness to return a candidate survey.

Berry, a police officer, is peeved (allegedly) because the group published his campaign phone number distributed on materials. It turns out; Berry used his personal phone number as his campaign number, oops.

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