WED brief 7.29.20

Who's heartless?

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TEXAS DEMOCRATS and their lackeys in the media are hoping they can spin long and hard enough to distract from the harm they are advocating for inflicting on Texans, mostly women, and minorities.

  • Democrats are insistent on businesses staying closed. This disproportionately harms women and minorities, according to FEE, Bloomberg, and NPR ( 1 | 2 | 3).

  • Democrats and their gov-ed allied unions are insisting schools remain closed. This disproportionately harms women and minorities, according to the CDC.

  • Democrats are pushing to defund the police. This will disproportionately harm minorities.

Not to mention the increases in substance abuse, domestic violence, and suicide. Who's heartless?

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KEN PAXTON issued an opinion nixing the notion that schools will maintain current funding if an inferior product is offered to taxpayers. Yesterday's notice from the Attorney General is the latest in a string of wrangling over what shape the 2020-2021 school year will take.

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We're at the end of a cycle, tightening election margins are a staple of this season. At this same point ten years ago, two seats separated Republicans from Democrats in the Texas House. Today that gap is 16.

While it seems ages ago, the Democrat litmus test for this election cycle was the special election for HD 28, which they bombed after mobilizing Beto, Biden, Bloomberg, and Warren.

A recent USA TODAY article highlights the improbable path to a majority in the House based on forecasting by Rice University’s Mark Jones. 

  • Win six seats rated as tossup or lean Democrat.

  • Win four seats rated as lean Republican.

  • Hold two-three competitive Democrat-held seats. 

Should be no problem, my dudes.

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