WED brief 9.16.20

SCOTX stops stunt

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SCOTX issued two election related orders yesterday. 

First, the court stopped Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins from sending mail-in ballot applications to the over two million registered voters in Harris County. The Hollins stunt was green-lit by a lower court pal of the interim County Clerk last week.

Then, the justices partially overruled a lower court ruling removing a handful of Green Party candidates from the November ballot. Democrats sued to the thrid party candidates removed for not paying filing fees; also, they might siphon votes.

Following suit, Republicans attempted to remove a few Libertarian candidates from the ballot, but their attempt was not filed in time and rejected by SCOTX.


This is complete cringe pandering that will not work and might harm Biden. But wait, there's more.

Someone doctored the video, replacing the song Despacito (which means slowly, so it's on-brand for Joe) with an uncensored version of N.W.A's "F*** Tha Police" and Trump quote re-tweeted it asking “What is this all about?”

The left is wigging out about the Trump retweet tactic, which is undoubtedly the intended effect. It's perfectly timed and executed satire, and the thing about satire is, the more that you flail about, the more significant the impact.

Related: Trump, the choice for voters who experienced violent protests.

SD30 SPECIAL ELECTION turnout is meager. A total of fewer than 2,500 people have voted, with 544 submitting mail-in ballots (Grayson Co. n/a).

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