WED brief 9.9.20

More meddling by Democrat judge

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ORLANDO GARCIA, a Democrat judge who has routinely sided with his party on election lawsuits, yesterday ruled mail-in ballots that have mismatched signatures can not be thrown out in November.

The relief granted by Garcia, essentially outlawing potentially illegal ballots from being discarded, will be appealed, and if the current trend holds, be reversed.

Garcia's ruling, like other similar legal developments, coincided with the dismissal of a separate lawsuit in which Democrats were looking to make sweeping changes to how elections administration were rebuffed.

Progressive lawfare this election cycle in Texas and nationwide has been prolific, but on the whole, have failed to implement wholesale changes to election processes.

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MARK ZUCKERBERG is joining the chorus of voices suggesting that an election result is likely to flip a bad sign. Unfortunately, the left appears to be gearing up to steal the election if Trump looks to be the winner on election night and even in the weeks after the election.

This messaging development, paired with the growing list of desperation tactics (see: the Atlantic's stupid loser), suggests the Democrat's hand is not as strong as the months-long projection (via polling) to the public.

Don't dismiss this as some kooky QAnon line; the left is openly plotting to break up or fundamentally alter the union should Trump win reelection.

TRIAL BALLONS from Austin for a non-citizen centric session continue to float.

There have been suggestions that lawmakers will limit access to the capitol to non-essential participants (read: lobbyists welcome, citizens not so much), but this is the first public expression from the ruling class that they will artificially constrict the number and scope of laws considered in 2021.

Don't get it twisted; during a typical session, the bills considered and passed are limited by the ruling elite as well, but there are pressure and space for the rabble to maneuver for and advance laws that the citizenry wants.

This is space the top brass would love to eliminate before a 2022 - 2024 reshuffle.

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