Wednesday morning brief 11.13.19

Matt Rinaldi & Joe Straus

Matt Rinaldi is on fire. The former state representative has been periodically posting pieces to the Texas Scorecard, his latest dispatch being a criticism of Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick for undermining the second amendment in Texas.

Responding to upheaval from the left, Abbott, Patrick, and Retiring-Speaker Dennis Bonnen formed select committees to travel the state, un/intentionally giving Democrats and the leftwing media a regular opportunity to grandstand on the issue of gun control, ensuring a liberal agenda is prominently promoted headed into 2020.

Rinaldi is calling for the sideshow committee to be disbanded.

Joe Straus is on the move. In the last several days, the former Speaker of the House has appeared at several public events with current members. Straus has a campaign account to spend down and recently launched the Texas Forever Forward PAC. Yesterday Straus was in Bryan supporting John Raney and in Arlington showing love to Angie Chen Button.

CPS was on the hot seat yesterday at a hearing featuring horror stories from parents about the agency incorrectly removing children. Reforming the faltering agency is part of a push for a special session by conservatives.

A DACA decision from the Supreme Court should come by June and based on questioning yesterday, the court may rule in the administration’s favor. Whether or not this tea leaf reading is accurate, the interpretation is being used to whip up the public ahead of 2020.

Related to the DACA case but with wide-reaching implications, Justices Gorsuch and Alito questioned whether lower courts should be reviewing the executive branch’s discretionary decisions.

Game rooms are now regulated in Tarrant County. Yesterday the commissioner’s court approved a list of regulations on gaming operations that feature 8-liners, machines that look and act just like slot machines. Gambling is illegal in Texas, and while these slot machines are not allowed to award cash or cash equivalents often times they do, are operated illegally and have been linked to money laundering.

Texas Right to Life has released it’s legislative scorecard, and the session was “abysmal for the Pro-Life cause,” according to the largest pro-life group in the state.

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