Wednesday morning brief 11.20.19

Straus, Rove, Bush et. al on the move

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Joe Straus is ramping up his public relations operation. Yesterday the former Speaker of the Texas House virtue signaled in Newsweek that the Supreme Court should protect LGBTQ Americans. The court is currently contemplating three cases on LGBTQ issues that will test its new composition.

Last Wednesday’s brief noted Straus was moving, setting up for a new political phase.

Karl Rove, a Straus ally, is also enlarging his public footprint. Yesterday it was reported that Rove is spearheading a PAC to protect the Republican majority in the Texas House ostensibly. Rep. Charlie Geren, a member of the PAC’s leadership, stated the group might engage in primaries to protect incumbents and play in open seats.

In addition to the PAC, Rove has entrenched himself in the Texas GOP as the face of a new campaign to register voters ahead of 2020.

The simultaneous moves driving name recognition of Straus, Rove, Land Commissioner George P. Bush, and retiring Congressman Will Hurd ought to be a warning to conservatives in Texas, especially those with visions of holding their positions of power or ascending higher.

Roves’ PAC isn’t about Democrats but is instead the latest in an ongoing internecine battle between conservative and liberal elements of the GOP, positioning for control of the party.

The Lone Star Agenda continues to add supporters steadily. Reps. Jared Patterson and Briscoe Cain are two of the most recent members to join the push by conservatives groups. Tellingly, Cain and Patterson both have primary opponents. 

Chick-Fil-A isn’t ruling out giving to faith-based non-profits. From the group’s press release:

partners could include faith-based and non-faith-based charities.

Dennis Bonnen’s preferred candidate to fill his shoes in the Texas House has entered the race for his seat, according to a tweet by Scott Braddock.

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