Wednesday morning brief 11.6.19

Election, Immigration & Links

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Last night’s election was bleak for Democrats. Leading up to the constitutional amendment election, the left ramped up its ballyhooed education union block vote machine to defeat Prop 4. They failed badly. So severely that there wasn’t even a half-hearted attempt to spin the margin of victory (75% to 25%), something that the media was gearing up for ahead of time.

It’s possible the bloc was defused in 2019 or, more likely, it was never that powerful, to begin with.

Fort Bend County is not turning blue. Democrats pulled out all the stops, spending over $1 million in a special election for HD 28 but couldn’t get Eliz Markowitz over 40% of the vote. Turnout was robust, and the GOP is unlikely to let HD 28 slip through the cracks in a runoff.

Harris County’s tabulation of election results was epically inept. The county is blaming a “last minute” change of plans for a delay that resulted in a twelve-hour delay in unofficial results being posted. The Secretary of State in October advised Harris County vote totals should not be transmitted over a network but taken to central counting facility for tabulations. The county is in the process of moving to countywide polling. This, coupled with reporting that voters were handed incorrect ballots, are troubling reports from the largest county in Texas ahead of a pivotal 2020 election.

Texas Democrats worked to siphon momentum off of ‘wins’ in other states with no wins or bright spots to tout in Texas. Those attempts are flawed. Take, for instance, Kentucky where outside of the race for governor, all statewide Republicans won the election. The gubernatorial race between Gov. Matt Bevin (R) and Andy Beshear (D) is likely headed for a recount with 5,000 votes separating the candidates, a margin that would have been overcome by Bevins if there weren’t a Libertarian on the ballot playing spoiler to the tune of 28,000 votes.

Immigration remains the number one most important issue in Texas. A recently conducted poll from the University of Texas at Austin bifurcates immigration and border security, but, when combined, they account for 34% of the issues most important to Texans.

The next closest item at the political corruption/leadership at 15%. More on this polling tomorrow with current event context.

Child welfare in Texas is suffering from neglect. Yesterday, a judge in Dallas ruled that the state would be held in contempt if changes aren’t made. The ruling comes four years after a judge initially ruled Texas violated foster children’s civil rights by “placing them in a system where rape and over-medication were the norm.”

Recently, conservative groups have banded together, calling on the Governor to call a special session to address a series of topics, including child welfare issues.

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