Wednesday morning brief 12.4.19

Rick Miller and CPS

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Rep. Rick Miller is the latest casualty of the cancel culture. Yesterday, after cynical comments about primary opponents being Asian caught fire, Miller announced he would not seek reelection. Similar scenes can be expected in the coming year for Republicans in Texas.

Governor Abbott rescinded his endorsement ahead of Miller’s exit, and GOP Chairman James Dickey issued full-throated support for Abbott.

Empower Texans CEO, Michael Quinn Sullivan, via Twitter, chastized Abbott and Dickey for not dealing similarly with outgoing Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Rep. Poncho Nevarez.

Next time GOP leadership is unresponsive to calls for action in the face of blatant wrongdoing, remember, they have the power to whip but only do so when it suits their ends.

Meanwhile, Miller is no significant loss; he wasn’t meeting conservative standards.

Ironically, attempts to spin this episode into a larger narrative about race and party by the mainstream come the day after Kamala Harris dropped her presidential bid. The top Democrat contenders are now a bunch of old white folks (with hairy leg stories).

The Pardo family has been in the news since June when CPS took their four-year-old son after the family fired a doctor and sought a second opinion about a medical procedure.

Yesterday, the family won a dismissal of the case against them in Kaufman County Court, but not before taking their case to the Supreme Court and having a caseworker admit she violated CPS policy.

President Trump is wresting control of the U.S. military and intelligence community from unelected bureaucrats, and the brass is freaking out.

Just think, retired Admiral William McRaven “called for the removal of a duly elected president because he doesn’t stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Rohingyas.”

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