FRI brief 7.24.20

Freedom of speech?

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CATO's polling on self-censorship made the rounds yesterday.

The upshot, a majority (62%) of those polled are afraid to share political opinions for fear of offending others. Translation, most don't want to get canceled.

It's not hard to imagine this number being higher.

The ramifications of Americans not feeling comfortable to speak is deeply troubling, since, without space to disagree and work out ideas, negativity will be internalized and push out to the extremes.

Freedom of speech is being limited, causing discourse and policy stagnation leading to degradation.

A high degree of fear could mean voters are lying to pollsters. This should deeply unsettle pundits and the hair-pin-triggerable-left who lost their minds back in November 2016 and are still crippled by TDS to this day.

Related: Social Desirability Bias is impacting 2020 polling.

BLOODTHIRSTY members of Congress have introduced a bill to remove the ban on federal taxpayer-funded abortions.

ALLEN WEST has challenged Texas Democrat Chairman Hinojosa to a series of debates. Since West won the GOP Chairmanship earlier in the week, Democrats have called him a racist, White Supremacist sympathizer.

GUN CONTROL advocates from New York have announced a push into Texas House campaigns. Everytown for Gun Safety, a group bankrolled by Mike Bloomberg

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