FRI brief 8.7.20

Nursing home reprieve

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Today's stories

THE NRA is being sued in New York, which has a lot of folks, including President Trump and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick suggesting a move to Texas.

TEXAS NURSING HOMES will open to visitors on a limited basis. The move follows Texas Caregivers for Compromise, sending petitions with over 10,000 signatures to Governor Abbott asking for allowance for family visits.

BIDEN GAFFE watch 2020 - "Black People Are Not As Diverse As Hispanics" (that didn't take long).

SCHOOLS and them being open is going to be an issue for voters in 2020.

As with many policy issues tied to the pandemic, this will be an especially impactful issue for women and minorities. After the coronavirus hit in the spring, and schools shuttered, these two groups were most impacted by employment and child care concerns. 

Again, the groups that are keeping schools closed consist of government education unions and Democrats. The extent to which this reality is effectively communicated to voters, especially those most impacted by the decisions, will help determine the fortunes of each party in Texas.

The other concern moving forward will be alternatives to government education= that arise after this disruption.

GREG ABBOTT talks like a guy who's telling SCOTX how to rule.

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