THU brief 8.6.20

Biden's problem

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BIDEN has a problem with black voters.

Contrary to government-subsidized propaganda from the Tribune, the Trump campaign has been courting black votes for more than a year ( 1 | 2 ). At the same time, Biden has endured blunder after blunder.

This week, Biden suggested a black interviewer was a junkie after he questioned the candidate’s cognitive abilities [hint: if you suggest a person is a junkie for asking a question, you might have cognitive issues]. Then, there is the “you ain’t black” gaffe.

Is it more or less likely that similar such faceplants are in Biden’s future? Drop me an email to the betting market if it exists.

Even before these falters, Trump had been cutting into Biden’s lead with black voters. Late last year, he was polling (three different polls) over 30% approval. This won’t translate to votes, but it represents an under-reported truth.

Here are some links on the topic you may have missed:

If Democrats are so secure as the preening from the Tribune suggests, why would they be wasting money on advertising to dissuade black voters from backing Trump?

GRASSROOTS AMERICA WE THE PEOPLE endorsed Aaron Harris for Congress yesterday. On Saturday, 150 precinct chairs will gather to select a replacement for John Ratcliffe on the November ballot after President Trump appointed the Congressman to Director of National Intelligence.

Last weekend, all but two candidates running gathered to field questions from a panel; notably, Sen. Pat Fallon skipped the event.

JOHN CORNYN supports the reopening of school campuses across the Lone Star State.

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Is UNT Covering up Plans for Conservatives on Campus?

A massive number of mail-in ballots are/will be disqualified.

Dem donor and Dallas Developer facing bribery charges put on house arrest.

U.S. crude oil prices surge

Paxton sues clinic for alleged fraudulent coronavirus testing

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