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TEXAS' GOP CONVENTION was a consistent dumpster fire to the bitter end.

After a false start on Thursday and taking a day off on Friday, the GOP Convention started in earnest on Saturday with the same bugs it suffered on the previous two days, only this time the group soldiered along.

It's clear that the credentialing nightmare was never truly resolved, and when the convention started, thousands were not able to participate. Even if you were a member of the credentialed elect, getting into virtual rooms where business was taking place was not ensured.

Voting was a melee. Some caucuses used the voting system Meeting Pulse others used a polling function within the application. Still, others opted to use Zoom features like raised hands, and comments. There are also reports that texts and emails were counted.

Multiple votes cast included more votes than participants able to vote, and in level-11 irony mode, this included a vote to make election integrity the top priority for the 2021 legislative session.

On Sunday evening, after letting the dumpster fire burn for two days straight, there was a motion to shut it down because, all of a sudden, the integrity of the convention mattered.

The timing could not have been more suspect.

Immediately before the motion, the much-ballyhooed national work wrapped, and members were about to get to the main event, the Chairman's race. Folks weren't having that, and the motion failed.

There was an alleged DDOS attack, but the show continued, delayed but unphased, into the early morning. When the dust finally settled, Allen West unseated James Dickey in the Chairman's race.

Wonder how the mainstream will react to the Texas GOP delegate's decision.

HIDALGO COUNTY is threatening criminal prosecution of residents who test positive for COVID-19 and do not comply with orders from the health department, including forced contact tracing.

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GREG ABBOTT'S political consultant Dave Carney in the New York Times stated that "The president got bored with it [COVID19]." According to Carney, Abbott talks to Vice President Pence. Alright.

NEVER-TRUMPERS announce Texas-chairs.

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