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MARK KEOUGH is calling on Governor Abbott to reopen the state, now.

The former Texas Representative and current Montgomery County Judge has been an outspoken critic of Abbott's handling of the coronavirus.

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TRUMP BOAT PARADES across the nation over the weekend drew irritation and hate from the left. Boat animus is a logical progression of elk statue and flag hatred.

The gatherings, swamping snafus aside, are another chance for Trump to show the strength of his base but in a manner that short-circuits apocalyptic COVID19 reporting.

NATE SILVER runs the risk of a potential credibility catastrophe similar to the one he suffered in 2016.

In a podcast last week, the left's favorite "data bro" was dismissive of social desirability bias showing up in polls. This is also known as the "shy Trump voter" problem, likely the trigger of Silver's TDS.

CATO polling, linked when it was initially released, suggests that there are many Americans who are fearful of talking about their political opinions. Silver isn't even open to anecdotal evidence that appears daily on social media suggesting pollsters are being lied to and ignored by Trump supporters.

ANTIFA | BLM | FASCISTS made their way to Dallas this weekend to harass members of the Walk Away Movement. Democrats, or other members of the left who are fleeing because of the radicalization of their former allies.

Unabated rioting from the fringe left is going to push rational left of center voters to Trump, media manipulation isn't likely to help and may harm attempts to keep those voters.

For instance, the media trying to spin 200+ violent protests in less than three months as positive is not persuasive and may do more harm than good.

Actual intellectuals, and there are plenty on the left, see Trump Twitter' antics' and public remarks for what they are, a tactic that works

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